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PRO Dragonball Movie by The-Dragonball-Movie
DragonBall: evolution by theCHAMBA
Dragon Ball by 50 Brazilian Artists- Roshi (Kame) by eduardovieira
SS Movie Goku_Newbound by The-Dragonball-Movie
Poster and fave scene Contest
One Step Closer by MasterOfElements
goku vs turles by AAR1ST
Broly by VegettoJr
Dragonball Evolution Fanart
DragonBall: evolution by theCHAMBA
son goku evolution by POLYKRPIO
DBZ Battle of Gods Commemoration by Finalzidane-X
Piccolo by ChesterArts
Dragonball Evolution Fancomics-Doujin
DBE: Needs MOAR Bling by elfgrove
Dragonball Evolution Wallpapers Stamps etc
bulma dragon ball evolution by yomickyme
Pro DragonBall Evolution Stamp by HatakeMirukon
The Dragonball Movie 1 by Gosha-Chan
The Dragonball Movie 2 by Gosha-Chan
Dragon Ball Fan Non-Anime Movie+Series Concepts
DragonBall Z Movie Poster by WinstonWilliams
Dragon Ball - Proper movie by Elmic-Toboo
C-18 Screenshot 2 by GstylezProdigy
Dragonball Z GT Super Fanart
Afterlife Golden Frieza by legoFrieza
Beerus/Bills (Universe 7's God of Destruction) by CatCamellia
Brianne by CatCamellia
Liquiir by CatCamellia
Dragonball Z GT Super Fancomics-Doujin
Super Dragon Ball Xenoverse - [Ch00/07] by Cheetah-King
Super Dragon Ball Xenoverse - [Ch00/08] by Cheetah-King
Super Dragon Ball Xenoverse - [Ch00/06] by Cheetah-King
Super Dragon Ball Xenoverse - [Ch00/05] by Cheetah-King
Dragonball Z GT Super Wallpapers Stamps Etc
(Dragon Ball Heroes) Son Gohan 'Super Saiyan 4' by el-maky-z
(Dragon Ball Super) Yurin by el-maky-z
Dragonball Bills und Champa Lineart Farbig by WallpaperZero
Dragonball Marron Lineart Farbig by WallpaperZero
Dragonball Z GT Super Fanfiction
Dragonball Merchandise
DBZ Dragonball Z Anime Neckace - 4 Star by Monostache
Vic Mignogna and Female Broly- Kale by JokiMadhouse

Dragonball Super

All you need to know about ...
(☆) Dragonball Super'!

Dragon Ball Super (Japanese: ドラゴンボール超スーパー Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Sūpā) is an ongoing Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that began airing on July 5, 2015. Its overall plot outline is written by Dragon Ball franchise creator Akira Toriyama, while the individual episodes are written by different screenwriters. It is also a manga series illustrated by Toyotarou, serialized in Shueisha's shōnen manga magazine V Jump. The anime is a sequel to Toriyama's original Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z television series featuring the first new storyline in 18 years. It is broadcast on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. on Fuji TV.

Dragon Ball Super follows the adventures of the protagonist Goku after defeating Majin Boo and bringing peace to Earth once again. Four years later, Goku attains the power of a god and faces more challenges. He defends the Earth against powerful destructive deities and travels to other universes to face more powerful opponents and nearly unstoppable foes. Dragon Ball Super reveals the events of the ten year time skip following chapter 517 of the original manga.

Source: Wikipedia

DBZ Live Action Projects

(☆) Dragonball Z Live Action Projects

These are current projects by DBZ fans regarding Live action. xxxx

DBZ Live Action Fan Movie - Robot Underdog
Robot Underdog Links.
:bulletblue: Twitter Page
:bulletblue: Official Website
:bulletblue: Facebook Page

DBZ Live Action Trailers - K&K Productions
K&K productions links.
:bulletblue: The Official Saiyan Saga Trailer
:bulletblue: Facebook Page
:bulletblue: K&K Official Website
:bulletblue: Twitter Page

Dragonball Evolution Links.
:bulletblue: About DBE
:bulletblue: DBE Cast & Crew
:bulletblue: Official Website
:bulletblue: Sources & Sites
:bulletblue: Memorable Quotes
:bulletblue: Dragonball Movies & Specials List

Dragonball Movies and Specials

(☆) Dragonball Movies.
:bulletblue: Curse of The Blood Rubies (Jpn Release: 1986, Eng Release: 1996)
:bulletblue: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle (Jpn Release: 1987, Eng Release 1991)
:bulletblue: Mystical Adventure (Jpn Release: 1988, Eng Release 2001)
:bulletblue: The Path To Power (Jpn Release: 1996, Eng Release 2003)

(☆) Dragonball Z Movies.
:bulletblue: Dead Zone (Jpn Release: 1989, Eng Release: 1997)
:bulletblue: The World's Strongest (Jpn Release 1990, Eng Release 1998)
:bulletblue: The Tree Of Might (Jpn Release: 1990, Eng Release: 1998)
:bulletblue: Lord Slug (Jpn Release: 1991, Eng Release: 2001)
:bulletblue: Cooler's Revenge (Jpn Release: 1991, Eng Release: 2002)
:bulletblue: Return of Cooler (Jpn Release: 1992, Eng Release: 2002)
:bulletblue: Super Android 13 (Jpn Release: 1992, Eng Release: 2003)
:bulletblue: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (Jpn Release: 1993, Eng Release: 2003)
:bulletblue: Bojack Unbound (Jpn Release: 1993, Eng Release: 2004)
:bulletblue: Broly - Second Coming (Jpn Release: 1994, Eng Release: 2005)
:bulletblue: Bio-Broly (Jpn Release: 1994, Eng Release: 2005)
:bulletblue: Fusion Reborn (Jpn Release: 1995, Eng Release: 2006)
:bulletblue: Wrath of The Dragon (Jpn Release: 1995, Eng Release: 2006)
:bulletblue: Battle of Gods (Jpn Release: March 2013)
:bulletblue: Resurrection F (Jpn Release: April 2015)

(☆) Dragonball Specials.
:bulletblue: Goku's Traffic Safety (Jpn Release: 1988)
:bulletblue: Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment (Jpn Release: 1988)

(☆) Dragonball Z Specials.
:bulletblue: Bardock: The Father Of Goku (Jpn Release: 1990, Eng Release: 2000)
:bulletblue: The History Of Trunks (Jpn Release: 1993, Eng Release: 2000)
:bulletblue: Looking Back at it All: The Dragon Ball Z Year-End Show (Jpn Release: 1993)
:bulletblue: Movie Overview Special (Jpn Release: 1992)

(☆) Dragonball GT Specials.
:bulletblue: A Hero's Legacy (Jpn Release: 1997)

(☆) OVA's.
:bulletblue: Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans (Jpn Release: 1993)
:bulletblue: Yo! Son Goku And His Friends Return (Jpn Release: 2008)

(☆) Live Action Dragonball.
:bulletblue: Dragonball: The Magic Begins (Jpn Release: 1989)
:bulletblue: Dragonball Son Goku Fight, Son Goku Win! (Jpn Release: 1990)
:bulletblue: Dragonball Evolution (Released 2009 Worldwide)


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Welcome to the Dragonball Movie Group!

Welcome, Dragonball fans to the Dragonball Movie Group! This is a group for all fans of the Dragonball Movies including animated movies, specials and live action. If you are a HUGE Dragonball fan, you MUST join this group ;]

(☆) Joining the group.

:bulletblue: Simply press the join button at the top!

(☆) Submissions.

:bulletblue: Submissions are unlimited and must be Dragonball/movie related. While submissions are unlimited, we request that if you have a LOT of deviations you want in the group that you space your submissions out instead of sending them to us all at once.
:bulletblue: No screenshots or raw movie material!
:bulletblue: Please submit all deviations to the relevant folders.
(For example, Dragonball Evolution fanart goes to the Dragonball Evolution Fanart folder. DBE fanart, however, does NOT go to the Dragonball Z GT Fanfiction folder. Simple!) For more detailed descriptions on what goes where, please check the folder descriptions. If you have any questions on where a deviation should go, contact the group admins.
The Featured folder and Contests folder that have ended are not open to submissions. If for whatever reason you are unable to access any of the other folders, please contact the admins.

Credit goes to Bura for the AMAZING avatar!!


DragonBall © Akira Toriyama
DragonBall Evolution © 20th Century FOX

A reminder that this is merely a fanpage. Any questions/problems please contact the Admin.






NEW DRAGONBALL SUPER EPISODES AIRING AT: Saturdays at 8pm ET on Adult Swim and 11:30pm ET on Toonami

CURRENT SAGA: Battle of Gods Saga EPISODES AIRED: 5/14
For the most recently aired episode titles, check out the DBZ Kai and DBS sticked threads on the Toonzone Forums

1) On TV (if you're in the US and have a cable/satellite subscription with Cartoon Network)
2) Through the official [adult swim] simulcast (if you're in the US and have a cable/satellite subscription with Cartoon Network)
3) Through the Sunday rerun stream on the [adult swim] website NOTE: The Sunday rerun screen now runs on a four week delay. The rerun streams will now show the episodes that aired four weeks before whatever episodes are currently airing on Toonami.
4) Unofficial streams! If you can watch on TV or on the official streams, please do!

Watching Toonami on [adult swim] on your TV, computer, or other devices requires a cable/satellite subscription. The Toonami simulcast can be streamed on the [adult swim] website, the Adult Swim app, using the same information you use to access your provider's website/app. You can also stream it online through your provider's website/app. The Sunday-Monday Toonami rerun stream is free and doesn't need a login, but is only available to those in the US.

This is the group's official update page for Dragonball/Z/GT...on TV! Most recent news is above the orange bullets!

Watch Toonami on Saturdays on [adult swim]!

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